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    Anyone have any info on this hunt area? Are there any river boat services in the area that would transport two hunters up the Delta creek? Anyone have sucess last year?

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    Lots of replies, eh? Did you go? Any luck? I got one for 2010 and will be heading out that way.

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    Unless there's torrential rain (think Noah) and Delta Creek's running at flood stage, good luck getting a boat much past the mouth. Sure an airboat could do it but then they don't really even need water.

    Get some good maps, check out Google Earth, find and study the trails, and transcribe them onto your maps. If you have access to a big enough boat and can get an ATV across the Tanana you should be able to run it along the creek bottom until you intersect the first east-west trail. (I assume you're talking about 20A).

    From there you can run the 20A trail network (what there is of it)

    Good luck

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    That time of year you need a boat or plane to access that area. Taking a boat across the Tanana with an atv would be the best idea I can think of. Really nice area out there. If you cross the Tanana find someone that knows the area or be very careful that river is no joke.

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    Thanks guys. Good info. I've heard a couple interesting scenarios. One was parking at the Donnely Creek campground 32 miles south of Delta Jct and taking an ATV across the Delta River - seems more like sheep country with a little bit of flat at the base of the mountains. Couple guys said it would be sketchy in a jet boat; more like air boat country and rafting was iffy. Seems like if you can't run it with a boat because it is too shallow, you ought to be able to cross with an ATV. But the they talked about rapids at the glacier. Definitely seems pointless to run up that way from the bridge since you have to go through that closed impact area.

    What you both suggested is what I was thinking...putting in at the bridge at going down the Tanana to Delta Creek, up a ways and hitting a road before you get into the closed military area. However, this road crosses the flats right back to what appears to be a farming commune just across the river from the bridge. So like you said, seems most logical just to cross right there at the bridge and hit the trails. So what's the story with these buildings and trail networks? Are they homesteads? Private? Any issues with landowners?

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    Default Info on DM773

    I sent you a PM AKSPT

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    Default OK

    I'll be on the lookout!

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    As other writers have mentioned Delta Creek is extremely shallow and virtually inaccessible by boat. Most people load 4 wheelers on boat and offload at the mouth of Delta Creek and ride south from there. The Army does have an Impact area that covers Delta Creek a ways south of their boundary, so you can't travel through that. Their is a trail system that heads east off of Delta Creek north of the Army's impact areas. It is typically an Ice road for the winter, but can be accessed in the fall. Anyway, if you have any questions about accessing the Army lands you can call Ken at 361-6490.


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