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    Default Salmon Sage Says...

    I climbed the highest peak and interviewed the Salmon Sage and this is what he told me; (okay so the only thing I've really climbed into in the last 5 years is my bed... sue me)

    This week of fishing is gonna suck folks. Doesn't matter where you are (except the Russian but even it will not be as hot as the first run for a bit, but there is good fishing there) you are going to have to work for your fish. This is the second year of a down cycle (don't worry next should be an up year) on a six year cycle that I track for Cook Inlet. (Not for anyone else but my own darn self and now you too)

    OTF numbers were looking very low earlier this week and there was a spike back up to the 106 mark on Friday but that is not to say that there's going to be a TON of fish. The GREAT news is that commercial guys will more than likely NOT fish the regular opener tomorrow to encourage more escapement. I'm not certain if that means that dippers will suffer the same fate but I'm hoping that a select few get a chance at a couple of slugger tides. If you get desperate, hit the Kasilof and take the smaller fish; something is better than nothing. Dippers can down hit it and get it all the way up to the Sterling Highway Bridge but the downside is that there is terminal fishing at the mouth again. So if your freezer is STILL not full or even close GO NORTH GRASSPHOPPER, There you will find fish and friends... but probably more fish.

    Ship Creek is looking healthy with Pinks, so is Hope and Ingram for those of you that like to train your young ones in the art of fishing. I remember taking my daughters to pick on pinks and the first words uttered once the fish made it to the bank...,"ohhhheegggewwwwwaaahhhh... that fish is the ugly fish that the other fish make fun of daddy, put it back!" I about died.

    Don't give up folks, now we're being tested as fishers and not catchers; our true grit will shine through and probably poke some holes in your waders but keep smiling anyway.
    "He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit is better than he who takes a city." ~ Proverbs 16:32

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    Default These numbers don't look so good.

    If I'm not mistaken, the average over the last 5 years for these dates was more than 30,000 fish a day on the Kenai. There better be a big bunch of fish doing circles out in the inlet waiting to hit the river....
    (Sorry, can't get this to post as a table. This is from the F&G escapement site: )

    Kasilof River Kenai River
    Daily Cum Daily Cum
    25-JUL 4,939 214,222 7,978 443,970
    24-JUL 2,110 209,283 16,022 435,992
    23-JUL 2,152 207,173 10,898 419,970
    22-JUL 2,164 205,021 8,941 409,072

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