I'm training a 12 month old lab. Over all he is doing ok for just beginning at this advanced age but I'm having trouble w/ 2 basics. Besides coming direct every time. (He still likes to make a few passes before commiting to a full come)

1st. He drops the retreive before coming all the way in. He learned this from watching my older lab who had the habit when I got him and I've let it go as he is gun shy anyway and now more of a house dog then a field dog. But the youngster thinks it's ok. I am away from the other now and trying to correct some things with this 1 with one on one training.

2nd. Which will hopefully happen when I get a full retreive is how should I approach a hold "the bird command" It seemed natural with other dogs I have trained but this one won't take the dummy from me in his mouth and hold it. I do not have access to real birds at this moment and that may be the trick as he surely loves birds.

Any advice?