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Thread: you want fish go to chitna

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    Default you want fish go to chitna

    Just an up date folks. I f you want some fish and not afraid to work go to chitna. Hook up with the copper river charters. They are good folks, know what they are doing .LISTEN TO THEM WHEN THEY GIVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS! Pay the hundred bucks. It's worth every dollar. I caught more fish in an hour than most people do all day. Go early, get in line. FISH FOR THE WINTER YUM! YUM!

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    That has been my experience also.

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    Default HEMS was GREAT

    I went for the first time on Friday. Got there about 5PM Tursday evening. Met Sam who told me exactly where to put my net for "marking" my spot and what time to be there "4:30AM" the next morning. Met Mark and Sam and got dropped off on a good spot. Mark actually got out of the boat and showed me what sweeping is and how toi work the eddy. Then they picked me up when I asked and I got my fish cleaned by a young man. It was all a very good experience for a dipnetter newbie!


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