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    Here is the table I made from broken hockey sticks. The table legs are about 10-12 years old, some of the hardware is a little bent but the table is still going strong.

    I was frustrated that all the commercial camp tables seemed to be so low (+/-36"). I made the legs a little extra long so I do not have to stoop while cooking.

    The fellow that owned the table I copied, had a little velcro pouch (like joggers use to hold their car keys) on the strap that holds the bundle of legs together while transporting. In the pouch he kept a couple of flat head screws and wing nuts. After the table was set up, he would drop the flat heads through the table top, through the swing arms, and fasted the top to the legs.

    I have just set the top on the legs, and never had a problem.

    The bundle-of-legs concept best suits a roll-top table top. However some frames use a cooler or dry box for a seat. I just slide the table top under the strap that holds that cooler/dry box in, and it does not take up much more room (packing it like this ensures it is handy, even without the legs, to span some logs or set on some rocks, for a quick lunch stop). I have a large duffel for folding chairs, and transport the legs in the duffle with the chairs.

    After a few years the first table top warped a bit due to all the rain. This plywood top has been treated with some kind of mineral oil I got from IKEA and is normally used for cutting boards.
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    Default Hockey Stick Table 2

    More photos
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    One last photo
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