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Thread: Where Can a Wooldridge Go

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    Default Where Can a Wooldridge Go

    I am currently looking at purchasing a Wooldridge 18ft boat (used ill be in college) and am wondering where i could take it. I know rivers are fine but what about salt water, could i go out of PWS for deer or shrimp or out of Seward/Homer for some butt. I have never owned a boat and dont really know what would be a good all around boat (lakes, rivers, salt). Does any one have any suggestions for a good all around boat if the wooldridge is not?

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    Default The PERFECT All Around Boat.

    The perfect all around boat is like the Easter Bunny, Big Foot and Santa Clause. Each boat has its advantages and disadvantages. I have a 20' Wooly Sport and personally I love what it can do. It is a great ride on the river, stable, comfortable, shallow running, sips fuel (comparatively). But this year I have found myself going to Seward more than any river since the Kings never really showed up. When the water is calm I can out run most of the deep-V's out there, but give it a little chop and it is a very bumpy and/or slow ride back in. The truth is my wife is really the limiting factor, not the boat, when it comes to the weather and the ride back in. Get something that works for you, think of where you plan to go the most and see what other guys around there are using and ask them why. As for the quality of the Woolys they are top notch.
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