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Thread: DS140 - October

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    Default DS140 - October

    My hunting partner drew the late archery for the chugach - - we have not hunted sheep before so this should be a good one to work out our frustrations on....LOL.

    I have all the newbie questions - but the one that someone might answer is - which Bio in Anchorage should we talk with? I want to get with them with my map in hand to see migration and densities etc. with them.

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    Rule number 1 in my book; NEVER talk to a biologist about killing his/her precious animals. All you will get is misinformation.

    Do some ground and air scouting of your own and try to pry info from experienced hunters in that area.

    Heck, the biologists on the Kanai still are convinced that there are only 300 brown bears on the Kenai. I've had one argue me down that there are no goats within 5 miles of a ridge that I just flew over down in Unit 6 and I counted no less than 100 white bodies. Of course, there were no goats on the ridge so it is not included in any of the surrounding registration areas... Whatever.

    Biologists deal in LIVE animals and you'd think they get paid by the animals they can keep alive!




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