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Thread: WC860 Surplus Powder????

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    Default WC860 Surplus Powder????

    Anyone use military surplus WC860 powder? What's it good for?

    I've got a chance to buy some and wondered if it would be good for any of the sporting magnum cartridges like 300 Weatherby, or 338 Winnie?

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    Default It sold, oh well

    The 8# sold I was looking at it for $75. After a few web searches I am glad I didn't get it. I didn't learn much, but it doesn't seem to have much use for sporting calibers. Right or not, some on the web said it was pulled from 50 cal bullets.

    I'm still hoping to someday come on to a keg in prime shape of Bruce H's surplus 4831!!!! Makes me envious when I hear you old timers talk about how cheap you bought it and how many pounds you have left!

    When I find it, I'm sure it will be sitting next to the "brand new surplus" jeep in a crate!!! Ha Ha.

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    WC 860 has a burning rate between IMR7828 and H1000. Works great in the big magnums.


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