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Thread: Best place tommorow morning in Seward

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    Default Best place tommorow morning in Seward

    More nasty weather coming for the weekend. Looked like a big fleet at South Fox today and it wasn't too rough there. The ride to Cheval was possible today but tommorow it might be too rough, maybe not....Check channel 11 VHF around 7AM and you should get the idea.

    IF all else fails, I would highly reccomend breakfast at the Smoke Shack ( at the train wreck) in Seward. Best place in town!!

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    Default Thanks for your weather tips

    Your weather advice is appreciated.

    If you look at the attached NOAA wave height map and use the "animate map" feature you can see the inbound slug of 14 foot waves coming in saturday night from offshore......

    Hopefully I'll be able to get out for an inner Bay trip by next Tuesday or Wednesday.......

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    Default thanks tito

    That's a cool link for marine forcast

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    Did anyone test the weather forecast in Seward today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akdeweyj View Post
    Did anyone test the weather forecast in Seward today?
    Yes. There was a window and a few boats went all the way to Montague, including the one we were on. Windy, but the seas were WAY better than I expected (still rough, but safe and easily doable) with the forecast. Halibut decent, saw a 120 on Profish's bigger boat (we got several in the 40-60 range). Too windy to drift for lings, couldn't hold bottom. Stopped on the way in on a red-hot silver bite, 18 fish in maybe 20 minutes. Coming around the cape into Res Bay was nice and choppy, but again, safe if bouncy. Today is supposed to be awful.
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