I just wanted to share a method that I use to further increase the safety of moving around in a canoe. Sometimes....it's inevitable to have to stand up or move around in a canoe. Even the wide canoes out there.....any sudden shift in the canoe could lead to a loss of balance and pose an increased risk of capsizing. When children are involved.....an even greater concern. Growing children are not always that sure footed. One of the quickest (and easiest) mods to aid in better traction and footing is too religiously clean the inner hull of your canoe and apply diagonal strips of traction tape to walkable surfaces of the hull. I first started applying traction tape when I bought my Penobscot 17. Being a very narrow canoe designed for speed with a paddle.....It was not the greatest canoe for standing up in....flyfishing. I continued to stand up and fly fish in this canoe with an uneasy feeling of little stability. Even in my freighters, I've applied traction tape because of standing up and shooting at ducks and geese in the fall where ice often builds up on the walkable surface. Slippery conditions, 3 1/2" in. magnum 12 gauge loads, and extremely cold water are not a good combo. One thing that you have to be careful with is your gear and fishing poles. The abrasive surface of the traction tape can seriously damage fishing rods and reels. If you do apply traction tape.....be sure to keep rods and reels off the floor and attached to the sides of the canoe by use of home-made rod holders. I hope this method of using traction tape helps increase the safety of your future canoeing experience. Good luck.