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Thread: Anywhere to buy lowa sheephunters (GTX) in

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    Default Anywhere to buy lowa sheephunters (GTX) in

    Anchorage or Fairbanks? I have a buddy looking for some.

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    I know Barney's carries the Hunter Extremes the (10" version of the Tibets.) The Lowa sheep hunters are a slightly different version, not sure of the differences something like an extra set of lace eyelets I believe is about all. I have the Hunter Extremes and like mine a lot.

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    Default Frontier and Beaver sports has them in FAI

    I know that both stores carry the 10" Lowas. Frontier has more in stock. I still think that the Hanwags have them beat and you can order them from Lathrop and Son and get them with enough time to break them in.


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    Boot Country in Anchorage.

    I always thought Hunter GTX boots were Sheep Hunters. One is Lowa's name and the other is Schnee's. I never looked closely enough to recognize any difference.

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    Default Sierra Trading Post

    I'm not sure if your buddy wants to have boots shipped from the lower 48 but I bought Lowa Tibet GTX from Sierra Trading Post earlier this summer for 1/2 price plus free shipping. I ended up buying 2 pair of Lowas and a pair of Scarpa from them at over 1/2 price each. He may have to watch for the right model and sizes to come in but they are usually a heck of a deal. If they don't have Lowa Tibets they may have a different model your buddy may want? I have the Tibets and they are similar to the Hunters/Sheep Hunters but a little shorter and lighter. Just make sure he orders the right size so he doesn't have to return them!


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