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Thread: Teaching a dog to crawl

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    Default Teaching a dog to crawl

    I have been working with my dog on crawling beside me on the ground over the past couple days. In one place I hunt in the beginning of the season it is 90 percent jump shooting and a dog that can stay down low and crawl with me could be handy in getting a few more birds. She is taking to the training well so far. It is new and exciting to her. Anyone else out there train their dogs to do this or better yet have actually used it in the field?
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    Default the possibilities!!!

    Heck with hunting, I may employ that tactic the next time I need a new gun, boat, camper, truck, etc.... What wife could resist not only her husband crawling but his dog to? Genius

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    Default crawling dog

    When I was a teenager back in the 70's I had a wonderful Irish Setter (no dumb IS comments please!). I really lucked out, he was a big, beautiful smart dog and a great retriever. We didn't have any upland game in our area of New Mexico, though we did chase Scaled Quail once - chase is the perfect word as they run like antalope. My setter did not point - but he never missed a retrieve. We hunted lots of doves, which he retrieved to hand from the thickest tamarac choked arroyas. Our other love was hunting ducks. There were very few ducks as we were not on a flyway and water was scarce but during duck season Kelly and I would hit our three ranch ponds every day after school. there would only be ducks on the ponds maybe once every few weeks, and never more than five or six but what fun. We would work the ponds the same way each day, crawling up the earthen bank and peeking over. I don't know how Kelly learned to crawl, probably from watching me but he would crawl up that dam next to me. The closer we got to the top of the dam, the lower he would be to the ground. we would slowly peek over the top of the dam together simotaniously. If there were ducks there, all hell would break loose with me shooting and him retrieving, if no ducks were present we would quietly back down the dam and hike to the next pond. We got my first greenhead mallard this way - what a prize. especially as it was wounded and kept diving, it took Kelly 30 minutes but he finally got it as neither of us would give up. It is amazing what dogs can learn from watching. Teaching your dog to crawl on his belly is a great tactic for jump shooting ducks!


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