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Thread: Weldcraft boat questions

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    Default Weldcraft boat questions

    Anyone have any experience with Weldcraft boats? Scpcifically looking at buying a 2000 Renegade with a 4.3L inboard. How good of a river boat is the craft?


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    Default i love mine

    I have a 2004 renegade.I have done some salt and it does ok make sure you have a stomp grate.

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    i love the heck out of my boat i wouldn't hesitate to buy another. The reason i went with the weldcraft was the fit and finish was far better than other manufacture's boats. I have had zero problems with it. I did purchase it new from the dealer. The boat is rock solid and it has taken a few "hits" and a couple of gravel bar surfs and it preforms like new. I would have liked to have had one more support in the top but other than that i am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I dont know if the Renagade comes with a 14 degree dead rise, mine has 14 and it does the ocean very well for a jet boat. I'm guessing that with the 4.3 it comes with a AT pump. I like my AT except for revers, it falls on it face. Once i learned what and how it works and what RPM it does things at i cant complane. I have done class III with it and it has cavitated, it reloaded in a snap and i never came off the power.
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    Default Renegade

    I have a 2002 20' Renegade 4.3L AT. I am happy with it, never had a problem. But now the wife wants a Ocean boat so Im putting her up for sale.. 19k

    We are picking up a Hewescraft 22' Ocean Pro today. 49k


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