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Thread: Ruger GP100 .357 to 10mm conversion

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    Default Ruger GP100 .357 to 10mm conversion

    Has anyone seen or heard of the ruger gp100 .357 converted to 10mm (.40cal)
    Anyone have a converted gp100.

    I did some surfing on the internet and found a smith who performs this kind of work.

    I myself having a stainless 6in gp100 am really intrigued....I like the .357 but really like the ballistics of the 10mm..always have

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    Default 10mm revolver

    Send it to David Clements in Woodlawn, VA. Maybe that's who you found on the internet. He is the master of this conversion. He's got my Ruger right now doing the .357 to 10mm conversion. I should have it back this fall or I hope by Christmas. He's backed up, so he will have it for a few months, but everyone who has work done by him is very happy with the results.

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    Just get the S&W


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