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    Anyone care to share their experience with the Glacier Craft aluminum boats that are manufactured here in Anchorage? Be interested in owner's experiences.

    I am working on getting one. I will have my 22ft C-Dory up for sale in the spring.

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    I purchased an August 06 delivery date for a 29 footer in October of 05. Well it is now mid November and they still have not started the build. I am next up, so it should start late this month or sometime in December. Scott told me that it would take about 3 months to complete my project. I knew that they were behind schedule when I signed on the dotted line and I am okay with the delay.
    If it does not start by December, I am doubtful that it will be ready for spring bears in PWS which would be a bummer!

    I have been building my dream boat in my head for the past several years and the price and the craftsmanship of the glacier craft fits my needs. I looked at several other builders in BC, Washington, and Oregon. I kept coming back to the glacier craft. I would love to get some real world numbers on the fuel burn at cruise with twin F225's. Scott said that he was burning 12-14 gallons/hour at 28-30mph with a 31 x 10.5 footer. That seems pretty optimistic. Anyone have any real time experience?

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    Default Service is nonexistent

    I wanted to purchase the 25' Coho from Glaciercraft. Unfortunately, everyone that I spoke with on the docks of Seward had negative comments regarding service and/or warranty issues with this company. They appear to be great boats, but don't expect anything after the initial sale is the opinion I gathered.
    Good luck and let us know what you finally decide on.


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