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Thread: Boat travel on the DJ Tanana River area

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    Smile Boat travel on the DJ Tanana River area

    I am looking for some first hand info on boat travel on the Tanana River down stream to Little Delta River and Delta Creek. Can I run those rivers with a Go Devil?
    I know the Tanana can be handled but what about the other creeks? Enough water? Any waterfowl up those smaller water sheds off the Tanana? I have a moose permit for that area. Thanks Don

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    There are no waterfowl along the Tanana River. None. Keep your eyes down on the river. Don't look up. Don't go to any lakes that start with the letter "H". Thats all I am saying. My life may now be in danger.

    Only go up streams you can turn your boat around in since it does not have a reverse on that motor.

    Make sure you have enough water under your keel to float your gear and a moose. It is really fun to run boats into gunk water/mud but then when you stop and fill it up with an extra 800 pounds of dead weight it aint fun anymore.

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    Default Delta Creek

    You might be able to get up the lower portion from the river, but not much futher. Also, it is closed further up as it is part of the bombing range used by the AF. Lots of unexploded ordinancy up that creek.



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