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Thread: boat launchs by mouth of kasilof river

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    Default boat launchs by mouth of kasilof river

    Are there any private boat launch's down there? If so, where are they? I'm trying to avoid having to run down from the sterling highway.

    I'm not a big fan of driving on the mud, but have heard some stories of people doing that down there to. Where are they doing it from? The end of k beach road? Would prefer the boat lauch method if possible.


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    Default Kasilof Boat launch

    Ther are no public ramps downstream of the Sterling bridge. The only ramp is private, on the north side at Icicle seafood or whatever they call themselves now. They don't usually allow private launching; we have never been able to put in there, even offered to pay and still ran us off. Beach launching on the south side is not too bad if you have a good wheeler. Putting in is always easy; it's getting out....
    BTW, I don't recomend taking a prop from the bridge; theres a pretty big rapid that eats props on the way back up.
    Hope this helps, Good luck.

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    Default Your setup?

    How big is your boat and motor, and what are you pulling them with?

    I crewed on a boat that was launched and retrieved from right on the point on the north bank. Mind you, the tide was high and approaching slack, so neither river current nor tide was an issue. The beach at the point is sand and gravel. The mud is certain death for your purposes.

    Also consider your tires on your truck. Narrow tires work better that wide ones. Also, the beach is a great place to engage 4 Low before you get stuck, and not wait until you dig a hole and then try to shift down.


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