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    I am looking to pick up a 7.62 or 6.8 can to use on a few guns I have. I am going to go the trust route and I am looking for some info. What shop do you guys recomend I work with? How about a good gun lawyer with NFA experience to help draw up the trust? I am in Valdez so location doesn't matter a whole lot. I figure it is a once in lifetime purchase so I want to be danged sure I get it right. Plus, I am not real big on federal prison.

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    Call Steve at Alaska Tactical.

    Alaska Machine Gun Association may know of other dealers.

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    Use the Alaska Trust Company to do the Trust. Steve over at Alaska Tactical has the "tactical cans". If you want cans for target use, we get the Thunderbeast....

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    For a lawyer Wayne Anthony Ross would be a good place to start looking, as a former VP of the NRA he is about as much a gun lawyer as anyone in the whole of the USA.
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