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Thread: IK/Traveler frame and motor mount

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    I read in some past forums that there is some interest in motor mounts for the Aire Traveler. The attatched photos show an Aire Outfitter ll IK with a custom rowing frame I put together using mostly spare NRS frame parts. The frame briefly had a motor mount (made from a seat mount turned vertically with some plywood) which I put a 2hp Honda on. Rowing the Outfitter ll works very well, but unfortunately the narrow width of the boat did not work well with 30lbs of motor hanging off the side, but I think this set up would work well with the Traveler because of it's wider beam and larger tube diameter. Also, the kayaks flat floor offered very little control with the motor. I'm sure the Traveler's slightly veed bottom would help a lot. Next year I hope to build a similar frame for 2 people and the motor mount and put it on a Traveler.
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    Interesting Concept Thanks for sharing the great idea and photo's


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