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Thread: Today (7-22) -ADF&G running out of dipnet permits

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    Default Today (7-22) -ADF&G running out of dipnet permits

    ADF&G office off of C Street is probably out of permits by now (got mine a few minutes ago). They expect to have more printed sometime this afternoon. So if you're planning on stopping by today on your way south for a permit, you might call them first or see if another place has them (Wal-Mart, etc.).

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    Freds and the ADF&G soldotna office anounced today that they still have quite a few left.

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    Default I got mine yesterday.

    I stopped by the Carrs on Boniface and Debarr. They said, "Wow, everyone keeps saying we are the only place that has any."
    They had quite a few left.

    If any of you are down on South side of Kasilof, stop and say hi. I will be in the blue long bed crew cab F350 with the Flag/Eagle on the back window.

    AK Chappy

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    And I'll be in the green F-250 with tonnou cover. This evening and tomorrow morning (before I go clamming).

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    Had to go to 3 places to find a permit. It is 2009. Why can't we apply and print a permit from the ADFG website, then report online as well? Seems that would save a whole lot of trouble, printing costs, postage, etc. Maybe keep a few of the current permits for those who do not have access online.


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