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Thread: -4.8 ft. clamming tide Friday

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    Default -4.8 ft. clamming tide Friday

    Looks like the water out of Whittier will not be cooperating this weekend, so wife and I are looking to try clamming for the first time. I hear Ninilchik area is good. Sounds like the big minus tide is a good time to go. I've scoured the newsgroup on clamming, but wonder if anyone has any specific directions for me. I have a 4WD diesel pickup, so the front end is pretty heavy and I'm not wanting to get stuck in the sand. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    Go to Ninilchik and dig on the beach. The parking lot goes right up to it. It's not hard to get your limit there even with all of the people.

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    Ninilchik beach access will be good. You'll figure out where to go when you get there. I will be driving down with my wife's front wheel drive car and digging on Saturday. No need to drive on the beach.


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