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    Smile New Avet Reel...

    This little reel is susposed to be based on the SX series which is their smallest reel. It is susposed to weigh about 17 ounces and hold 300 yards of 65 lb. braid. It will be a 2 speed reel with 6/4 gears and a dual improved drag system that is susposed to give 17 lbs. of drag at free spool and over 24 lbs. buttoned down. Rumor is it will show up in September. Should work well for lings, yellow eye and other rock fish. Heck, it will also handle most of the halibut most of us catch. Combined with a light weight jigging rod it should be lots of fun to fish with. If I am not fighting a big Cook Inlet tide and a big weight in deep water I can do just fine with out the traditional stiff and heavy halibut rod and a big heavy reel.

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    I hate fishing with anthing bigger than a JX two speed and a wimpy Seyter rod, unless sharking.

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    As I've mentioned on other threads, there are only a few reels that fall into the category as ideal conventional jigging reels, i.e. both light and with sufficient drag.

    The only downside is that IMHO the gearing is way too high, I'd rather have 2:1 on the low side and 4:1 on the high side.

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    Default Lovin my new SX 2-speed

    I went with the SX 2-speed a few weeks ago. I put 300yds. 55lb. braided color coat Saltiga. I went jigging in 220ft w/12oz. jigs and killed the chickens up to 35lbs. Only used the low gear to experiment with the 35lb.'er. Either gear was awesome. High gear for quick reel up is very nice too. Next I will get a lighter rod.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the advice. I'm very happy with it (although the Sept. model mentioned sounds even better with the drag potential). Mine weighs 16oz.


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