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Thread: Duck hunt drift on the Kenai River

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    Default Duck hunt drift on the Kenai River

    Im Looking to do a duck hunt on the Kenai river this year. Anyone have any advise on which section to float what to bring? Should I plan on pulling off and setting up decoys or just float it and shoot what's available?

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    Default i don't know nothing

    but i did see some harlequins on the upper in late august once...dont' know if was a fluke or if they would even still be around for duck season
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    Default Head below Skilak if you have a motor

    Lots of ducks (puddle ducks and divers) below Skilak. It would make a great "cast and blast" weekend. Shoot ducks in the morning and fish for rainbows, dollies and silvers the rest of the day. Skilak can get real nasty especially in October and November, so pick your days.
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