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Thread: Any Fresh Chitna Reports?

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    Default Any Fresh Chitna Reports?

    Anyone go last weekend? How is the river? The trail?

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    river was high but dropping fast by sat morning.

    We got our limits but it took quite awhile..fished all nite for 45 between the two of us.

    I've never been on the trail before, was pretty cool...some interesting spots...we didnt have any issues though, went all the way to hailey creek just to check it out..again it was my first time so had to get the grand scheme of things

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    Was down there Sat morning as well, fished for about 8 hours in several spots from the Tunnel back to O'Brien. Didn't catch squat, water was high and I'm to spoiled to sit and wait in a spot for fish. I though we would find the right holes, found some nice back eddies but to no avail...I've heard the water is dropping slowly, I might head back down there on the way to Valdez at the end of the month...

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    bc, give me a shout, if you run into that problem again I can put you onto the hole we fished. Easy to find!!!

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    Default Monday night

    Went monday night. A+ fishing. See post in the chitina report


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