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    Just got back to town Tuesday pm. Fished the Kasilof Friday, July 17 through Sunday the 19th. Just camped on the beach Monday, dried out clothes, washed dishes, and napped.

    Friday and Saturday I used a little wimpy lake-type skiff with a 70's era Sears (Eska) 4.5 horse that my neighbor dug out of one of his sheds. Results: the boat caught 93; 60% of these on Saturday evening halfway through the outgoing tide.

    On Sunday, the motor wouldn't start for me, so I crewed on another boat for some guys that were new to the Kasilof and new to boat dipping. I sat in the bow facing astern, the skipper just drove the boat, and two guys sat beside each other facing forward. The boat caught 83 Sunday evening halfway through the outgoing tide. I spent most of my time picking fish out of their nets as fast as possible, occasionally catching a few myself with the pole under my armpit or the dropped net floating underneath the boat.

    Surprisingly, most of the fish Saturday evening and Sunday evening were Kenai-grade size.

    What became apparent was that while the wind and incoming tides were bringing the fish into the river, we weren't catching them until the current was to their liking and they started to point and move upriver. This became most noticeable halfway through the outgoing tide as the river current became more pronounced. The hot catch rates continued through slack tide and into the first portions of the incoming tide until a point at which everything suddenly died off.

    We know the fish were still there, but we had trouble finding them until the aforementioned conditions returned.

    Saturday evening, people were catching fish from bank to bank. Most of what we caught were right in the middle around the commercial buoy that the "Ruffian" ties up to. We followed a Kenai drift boat with two guys fishing and one guy operating the 4 horse motor and a little landing net. We couldn't keep up with them, but a number of us just did loops around the commercial boat and picked up 3-5 on every pass.

    Sunday evening, we picked up fish down the middle from above the point almost all the way to the second green can.

    As far as shore results, the people who were tossing and walking their float/rope equipped nets above the point on the north shore did the best. One gentleman I talked to had 40 Sunday evening, and a lady right behind him in the loop had 31.

    Monday morning the setnetters and boats went out, and it looked pretty slow all day.

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    thanks for the report and congrats on your catch. i was also there sat and sun. you must have been in the little green v-hull...i followed you up/down river once in awhile in my jon boat...good times!

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    Default Hey gr8fl... the looks of the pickup in the background and the description of the boat...I think you mighta been the guy that offered to pull me out of the sand Fri nite. I was the silver 4-wheeldrive would not engage. Still cant get the dang thing to work...stupid auto hubs!

    If so, your offer was very much appreciated, same to anyone else on here that helped...THANK YOU!!!

    We also did our best on the low tides. We were finished by EARLY Sun morn.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Roger that

    Yes sirs, that was us.

    1980 Chevy 3/4 ton plow truck with wood bed.

    Dinky green v-hull w/Sears 4.5 horse on Fri/Sat.

    Sunday I hitchhiked on a turquoise-green v-hull.

    So if you were following us and we were following the driftboat with the 4 horse, how big was your motor on the jon boat?

    It was truly a blast. The men that fished with me had not boat-fished the Kasilof before, and what a great first experience.

    Yeah, see, people helping other people makes the Kasilof a really special trip.

    Hope to see you again in the future.



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