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Thread: A new trad shooter

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    Default A new trad shooter

    My nephew Aaron has been visiting with us for the last 2 weeks and he's taken to traditional archery like a duck to water. It took him a couple of days to work up the courage to ask about shooting one of my bows but once he did he was hooked!(for those who haven't been to my house there are several vintage bows on my living room walls and archery stuff all over the house.)

    I wanted to send him home with one of my bows but the airlines want $125 to put it in the hold! A quick search of his home states craigslist made it obvious he will have no problem finding a bow at home. Personally I think it's better for him to earn the bow than take home one of mine anyway.

    He is planning on hunting with Tracy and I when we visit in October. Should be allot of fun as long as he stays focused and puts in the necessary practice time.
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    Default Good on ya

    Anytime any of us can spend with kids orienting them to hunting is good karma for the bank.

    The fact that you got him started shooting a stick... that's just gravy.


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    Always good to see a young one take an interest in the stick and string. Hopefully he will get the needed practice so that he can hunt with you this fall. Make sure to bring back pictures!


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