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Thread: Kachemack Crabbing Report???

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    Default Kachemack Crabbing Report???

    How have the numbers been? Trying to decide if want to head to Homer or Whitter this weekend.

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    Default crabbing

    I set a few pots out over the weekend. In waters roughly 400'.

    We had many undersized males and females, with a few keeper males.

    If you go, and get some keepers (over 5.5 carapice width) make sure you squeeze the legs. some of these legal size males have just gone through molt and the meat isn't full in the legs yet. if they are soft they arn't full of meat. the locals call them 'klackers'.

    it's an awesome experience though to watch the crab come up in the pot.

    if your shrimp pots are yielding tons of shrimp and you just want to harvest stay in Whittier. if you want to have a new experience and maybe catch some butts go to Homer.


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