Hi guys:

Well itís getting close to fall moose and Bou season and many of us are starting to plan and organize our fall hunts.

When doing a fly in hunt like many of you do it is important that you get everything you need set up long before you take off for the Bush. I wanted to start this thread so we could all give out input on what a punch list should look like. Most of the clients that I work with will be flying out in either a 185 or a 206 aircraft. Each had a different weight capacity (about 700 pounds for a 185 and about 900 for a 206) and taking only what we need is so very important. Keep in mind most pilots here in Kotz stick close to the weight limits and extra weight means an extra flight and extra $.

So what do we need? Letís set some boundaries and call it a 5-7 day hunt so we are all giving input to the same hunt. About Ĺ of my clients are choosing float hunts and the rafting gear is different so letís keep it to hunting/camping gear less any floating needs. Share your knowledge and let the list begin!

Another area of concern is communication with your flight service. Communication and planning is key to a safe and successful hunt. Your pilot will know where the animals are moving and you should have some good ideas where you would like to hunt. Donít take the position that ďJust put me in front of the Migration!Ē This is an open door to get ďDumpedĒ and most of us donít want that kind of hunt. Ask your pilot to take a once around the drop site so you can get a lay of the land. Where is the water? Where will I sit and spot? Are there other camps in the area? Some drop sites get used hard by many of the flight services and I donít like to see my guys get dropped on top of other camps. This makes a less than ideal hunting situation and there is nothing worse than getting ďDumpedĒ in an over used area and getting to know an extra 25 guys in the field!

Remember that you are paying for this hunt and you need to be the guy who is asking questions and doing research now not 3 day before you arrive! I always make a check list and, pack my gear weeks ahead of time and then leave it alone for a while. About 2-3 days later I look at the gear and list again and start getting rid of the extras. Use a scale so you know how much weight you have. Have your partners do the same and get together with your group and go over your list and make sure that your needs are met and get rid of duplications.

A few years ago a group I was working with came up to Kotzebue with an entire truck load of gear, most of which could have been left at home. Needles to say they had some extra flights and the cost of their trip jumped way up at the rate of $550 an hour for those extra trips!

Ok guys jump in and lets look at what do you need for a successful fly-in hunt.

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