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Thread: anyone hiked winner creek trail lately?

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    Default anyone hiked winner creek trail lately?

    If you have did you see any bears or other wildlife? How is the snow up at the pass?

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    I hiked Winner Creek from the hotel to the hand tram & then over to the road. Started down the new-ish (?) trail to the school but turned around. Not even a squirrel was out b/c of tourist season. I went mid-week & it was still busy.

    I think you're asking about Upper Winner Creek & I didn't get up that route.

    We also hiked up Alyeska and I think it was snow clear at the tram house. Maybe some left over patches if anything but nothing left on the trails. I *think* there was still snow at the top of 6 but I didn't pay much attention.

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    Default Upper Winner Creek

    We hiked the Upper Winner Creek trail July 9th from the the Hand Tram trail head... not so many tourists. We hiked about 4 miles to where the biting flies were so bad we practically ran back to a spot with fewer flies to eat lunch, then headed home. It was a hot sunny day, (one of the days with smoke haze so thick we could hardly see the other side of Turnagain Arm). We may try again when the weather cools. Otherwise the trail was beautiful, and relatively easy. Watch for mountain bikers.


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