I work as an army civilian at Ft. Richardson. We moved here last year and am trying to learn as much as I can about fishing in Alaska. I am looking to share expenses with someone who fishes out of Seward. I would like to go silver salmon fishing with somebody who can teach me about it. I will help with any expenses and boat cleanup. I don't have a boat yet because I want to be safe and learn from an experienced boating person before I get a boat and take my family out fishing. I have taken boating safety classes but I would like to get experience on the waters of Alaska. I have fished on charters before but I am really looking to get together with somebody who is willing to share their experience with someone who would appreciate it and be able to pass it down to my 13 year old son. I know that it is getting late in the season but silver salmon fishing is a good way to learn from what I have read. If you would like to help me out please feel free to give me a call in the evenings. My name is Gene 332-1662. I live in Anchorage off Muldoon. Thanks