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Thread: Sitting in Sitka

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    Default Sitting in Sitka

    Thanks to all for all previous information on fishing the SE. Am currently waiting for some parts before we venture on from Sitka. We will be heading for Peril strait and down to Craig and from Craig, heading over to Prince Rupert. If anyone would care to share some areas for halibut and silver or sockeye fishing on the way would be greatly appreciated. We have had a tremendous trip so far and we couldn't ask for better weather. Would really like to get into some sockeye. We got four trolling outside of Sitka bay but would like to get a few more. We did not pick up any Chinook tags so we will be targeting the others.

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    Default Southwest Baranof Island?

    I was wondering if you came up the outside and got a chance to visit some of the bays on the southwest coast of Baranof Island. If so - you drove past a couple of different places that have sockeye returns.

    Sounds like you are having fun. I hope the remainder of the expedition is a success! Good luck.

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    Default Hi Bob

    I sent you a PM.


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