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Thread: 2 day float in/near wrangell-st elias np?

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    Default 2 day float in/near wrangell-st elias np?

    Looking for a one-two day trip in/near the park that is II-II+ and can be done without an airlift.


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    If flying in & out was an option you could do the upper Nizina. (or the Tana if you are a serious rafter.) Kennecott to Chitina is at least three long days, so that doesn't work either. The other options that I know of are out of the park.

    You could do the Tonsina from the Richardson Highway to either the Edgerton Highway bridge, or all the way to Chitina on the Copper River. You can do this in one long day, or two shorter ones. The Tonsina has several class III+ drops in it that will surprise you.

    As far as the Copper River goes you could start at Copper Center with a launch on either the Klutina or Tazlina Rivers, and float to Chitina. Or the lower Gulkana from Sourdough Campground to the Richardson Highway bridge. Both of these would be two days.

    You can do the Klutina from about mile 15 on the Klutina Lake Road to the Richardson Highway in a little over 2 hours. It's fast & fun, and you can choose to work around the many holes, or punch through them. The river is an easy class II+ or III-, but the access road is a solid class IV if you go all the way to the lake. Mile 15 is easy enough though.

    There are other options, but I think they will either require more driving or an airplane ride.


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