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    Default GMU 21D Hunting

    I am trying to resurrect a portion of my hunting season by putting something together rather last minute out near Galena. I am working doing some work at the Kalakaket Creek radio relay station located about 20 miles south of Galena beginning here in August. I suspect I will be there for quite some time and, since I'm missing out on my usual hunts, needs to find some information about hunting out that way.

    My understanding is that moose are available to hunt by permit, but the antlers need to be detroyed and a piece needs to got o afg&g. Aer the permits available now, or are these part of the permits that were recently drawn?

    What about caribou populations in the area?

    Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated ... I'd just like to put some meet in the freezer this winter.

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    Default Go down beyond Blackburn on Yukon.

    Unless you hunt way up the Huslia river you probably won't see caribou during the season they tend to migrate through during the Winter.
    You could make a run down the river to south of Blackburn which is in a different unit. Otherwise most of those units are draw or trophy destruction.
    You could also go way up river near Allakaket and hunt without destroying the horns up there.
    You could also just go up the Koyukuk or hunt Banana slough and take many good pictures before you destroy the horns. My dad always told me you can't eat horns.

    The people are the nicest people in the world in that area and it is the best moose country on the planet.
    Enjoy it.


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    Many thanks, Thomas. I have heard about the epic moose of the region and have always wanted to hunt here ... unfortunately I'm really going to be limited to the area around Kalakaket Creek and my times limited to evening and Sunday's. Anyway, I certainly don't mind destroying antlers if it means putting meat in the freezer.

    Thanks so much for those locations ... I will definately keep them in mind if plans change.

    Much appreciated,


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    You were flown into Kala Cr. and are just limited to walking, correct?
    The permit you want is the registration permit, which your eligible for if your a resident. It may be available online, or at an ADF&G office. Yes, it requires a trophy destruction and providing that part of the horn turned into F&G or a rep.
    I'm thinking your stuck with foot transportation and your on top of the hill at the site. Gonna be lucky to find a moose up there. Might be some down in the creek. I have seen moose on ridges above timber sometimes while flying around. Good chance to get a black bear too. There's a trapline trail, or old cat trail from the site down to the river. Maybe a pred call would be wise to bring. Heck, could even be a griz or 2 around.
    No bou around there that I've ever heard of.
    Keep the gun handy while working. Never know what might saunter by.
    I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
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    Thanks a lot, Martintrapper. It sounds like you know the area pretty well. I will likely have a wheeler to get around on but from folks already onsite it sounds like the drainages have really thick vegetation. My hope was to get several miles from the site and glass the drainages ... see what shows up ... certainly not opposed to hoof'n it if the ride becomes too thick. The guys onsite said the the black bears are pretty thick at the site. Your idea on the predator call is a good one ... who know what mgiht show up. Though my preference if for a moose.

    Good deal, I appreciate your response!


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