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    Me and the boys had a great weekend trip to Valdez. Here is the short story.

    Had a trip to chitina planded and we were getting fish but the boys were not having much fun. I must say that one fish an hour was not doing much for me either. This trip was more for them than filling the freezer so on the first night of camping I started working on plan B. I had never been to Valdez but had heard that Valdez+Kids+Pinks=Unforgetable Memories. To say the least that formula is an understatement.

    The boys and I pull into town with a simple plan. Find a place to fish, place to camp, get some poles and fish. As we are driving to alison point we come upon a construction sign saying "Caution Bears In Area, Do Not Aproach". My oldest who is 12 and is a bear hunting nut says that has to be a joke, nobody would put that on a road construction sign. I atempted to convice him that I think its the real deal with no success. We pull up to the parking lot and get out to see some fish. All I could say was WOW! Lots-O-Fish. The 10 year old who leans toward fishing and upland game starts to loose his mind looking at the fish. I start getting ordered to make a bee line to the local sporting goods store and get some gear for pinks. The 10 year old says we can skip the camping spot and just park and fish all night. I give in and start heading back to the truck and I see people start to walk up the rocks and stop fishing. They were obviously watching somthing. About that time a young grizzly swims around the corner doing its best to catch some fish. The 10 year old asks his older brother about that joke on that sign.(As well as a Fisherman he's the weisenhimer).

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    Default Fish?

    So did you fish or just watch the bear??

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    Default Valdez Shore Fishing

    We found a place to call it home for the night and made plans for fishing the next day. Up at 6am coffee and hot choc and of to the stores. No one was open so we went down to the harber for dad to dream. At 8am on the money the fisherman says dad the stores open lets go.

    We got poles in hand and learned of the kids pink derby and were set for the day. After some initial frustrations with spinning gear the boys got it figured out and were snatching pink after pink and dad was having a hard time keeping up with them. We fishind right through lunch and the boys never said a word about eating. Some time around 4pm the 12 year old says dad its time to eat and make the weigh in for the derby. The 12 year old had a 4.54 and 10 year old had a 4.24. The fella doing the weigh in tells the boys their fish were pretty big and the boys started having thoughts of a possible win. At the BBQ we had diner and awaited the results. 12 year old end up in 3rd place and gets a new rod and lures out of the deal. the 10 year old finished just out of the top three but is happy(Hot dogs were the best prize in his mind).

    This will now be a planned family event for the Schrader's. I would like to thank all of the sponsers of the event and all the folks of Valdez. My thoughts of the the place were great. Friendly people more than willing to help people out who had never been there before.

    As stated this is the short version and maybe sometime I will tell all of the Murphy's law parts. I will say this weekend had more than its share but I refused to let it ruin the boys fishing trip and all ended great.

    I'll post pic's sometime later.

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    I took my boy's down to Valdez also this weekend. They had a blast. We must of watched the same bear. It has been coming out almost every evening to fish and play in the water. It did not seem afraid of people one bit. We fished Friday nights high tide, saturday morning and evenings high tide. We mainly fished by the boat launch due to having small kids 4,6,and 9. The 4 year old caught the biggest fish at 4.08 lbs, but my 6 year old didn't want to stop fishing. The best time that I noticed to fish was the evening high tides. The fish would come in by the hundreds and school close to the rocks. We tried pixies and vibrax mostly, but on the last night I tried to use coho flies and could't keep them off. The kid's had a blast and I would recomend this to anyone with children.


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