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Thread: perserving clams

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    whats the best way to keep clams??? i have a vacuum sealer.... should i vacuum them?? can them?? if i vacuum them do i deshell them???
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    Default vac em

    we vac em, but I am sure that canning would be even better.

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    We steam them, deshell them then vac pac them. They are not as good a fresh but they work well for chowder and such.
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    I am lucky enough to get geoducks every year, as my husband is a geoduck diver and we get to keep some of the ones with broken shells. I'm not sure what kind of clams you are trying to preserve, but with the geoducks, I clean and skin them, and then after I chop them into cubes, I grind them with a coarse grind plate. I then can them in a pressure canner at 10 pounds pressure for 110 minutes. I make pints or half pints, and then use it for fritters, clam chowder, clam linquine, or clam dip. Perhaps this wouldn't work very good for smaller clams, but it is WONDERFUL with geoducks.


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