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Thread: Bear on the mudflats

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    Driving back along Turnagain Arm Sunday night about 9:30 I saw a couple of cars pulled off and folks looking at something out on the mudflats. It was a bear who seemed to be chasing seagulls. I watched for awhile though my binos and there were 3 other dark objects further out across a channel. The bear seemed to be trying to get across to them, splashed in the water a bit but didn't go over. The other 3 dark objects were just a bit too far to resolve with my glasses, and at first I thought they might be cubs, with mama trying to reach them across the channel. Then one of the 3 took off and flew a couple of yards! Eagles, for sure. The bear would also stop and looked like he was rooting something on the mud.

    I think there must have been some fish stranded by the tide and Bruno the Bear was competing with the gulls and eagles for dinner! Never know what you will see in Alaska. That's why I NEVER leave town without my binoculars along. Sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself that people pay big bucks to come up here and see what we get to see on weekend trips!

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    Probably clams


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