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    Default No fork lift

    So I am adding a second story onto the cabin. Problem is no fork lift and about 60 sheets of material have to go up on top. Too old to lift it all up so what to do.

    I screwed 4 - 16' 2x4's together to make some long members about 20' long. Screwed them into two 36" wide saw horses and ran two braces up to support the middle from one saw horse. I then tired a pulley up top and ran a piece of 3/8 braided rope through it and back to the ATV. I then would tighten a C-clamp on the sheet material, start the machine and back up. Everything slid up beautifully! I can easily do two sheets at a time and they pop off the end and just lay on the front roof, waiting for me to do something with them.

    Works for me.
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    Very nice Dave,
    I live on an island in the summer and many times have no help and have to figure ways to do it smarter. Good on you.



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