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Thread: Contacting fish and game?

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    Default Contacting fish and game?

    Who would i want to contact to ask about fishing spots and if there legal or not?

    I would like to find maybe an email address of one of the wardens.

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    Here you go.
    Pick a region, and download the full booklet and the local ADFG #'s are right there.

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    Go to 3 rivers or Walmart or Fred Myers. Any sporting goods store and get a copy. There free just ask for one.

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    You really SHOULD be able to approach any ADF&G employee for direct contact to ask your questions. We pay their salaries, and they're public servants... then again, don't ask Denby Lloyd for a simple explanation of anything. It seems his only response for concerned sport fishermen is "you need to go do more research so you know what you're talking about"...

    Also, any State Trooper should be able to give you information about how they're directed to ENFORCE the regulations. A good many of the rules we have to follow read one way as written by F&G, and are enforced in a seemingly different manner.

    I gave up trying to ask questions at F&G a long time ago. Download the reg booklets for wherever you're fishing, then if there is anything you don't understand, go after a trooper in a brown shirt for clarification. (If you and the trooper disagree, that's what judges are for!)

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