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Thread: Fishing, Canoe Out Maud Road Question.

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    Default Fishing, Canoe Out Maud Road Question.

    A friend told me if we drive out to the end of Maud Road, we can put our canoe in on a lake right there, then, go directly across the lake, pull out the canoe, carry it about 20 feet to a river.
    He said we could put in there and canoe all we want, slow clear rapids.. and we could pick spots to stop and fish.

    Anyone know if this all is true?
    I am assuming, anyone who knows where Maud road is knows the area.


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    Default Maud road

    If one goes out Maud road, the first lake that you come to is Mud lake. You can put it there, go straigh out, catch one of the sloughs and get over to Jim creek. We used to take a Zodiac that way several years ago.
    If you stay on the main road for another mile or so, then you come to Jim lake. Thsi is where you can put in, go across the lake to the portage and get into the creek.
    It is a fun area and the fishing can be go. Be safe and have a good time.

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