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Thread: Need Seward Silver Salmon Info.

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    Default Need Seward Silver Salmon Info.

    I have a small open Boat, 15' with 25 hp outboard. Have Downriggers and all other equipment and know how to land Silvers but I am not very framiliar with Resurection Bay and I am looking for some ideas on locations to troll and or mooch so I can plan out our trip. I know I can always just follow the heard as they go out but would like to be a little more prepared than that. I do have a handheld GPS with NOAA marine charts for the area so I will know where I am etc.

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    My best source for the most current hot spots is the bait shop at the boat launch. That guy has always been very helpful, he will even pull the map out and show you exactly were to go. I make sure to buy something, bait, coffee, lure, ect. just to say thanks for the info.
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    Your best bet is not to go out in a 15ft open boat. The bay can get very rough and the further you go out the more dangerous it gets. Bring your wet suit and a life raft.

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    Calisto Head is the closest spot to Seward as of this weekend. I fished Driftwood Bay and saw boats all over the Bay looking for fish. Depending on when you plan on going they should be even closer this coming weekend.

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