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Thread: Need tips for Seward Silvers

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    Default Need tips for Seward Silvers

    I have a small open boat and will be going down to Seward for the first weekend of the derby (Aug 8th-9th). I need some tips on spots to go that are not way out. Have down riggers and know how to land Silvers just not framiliar with Resurection Bay. Any info would be apreciated!!

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    Trolling around Caines Head or Fox Island can be good and reachable in a small boat on a good day. Just be prepared for a rough ride back in when the South winds kick up. Later on you can join the armada and troll back and forth near the harbor.

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    Default Not much experience...

    there but did great the one time we took our 16' Almar to Fox island. Just trolled around there (between Fox and the smaller outer island) all day. Trolled herring (not perfect plug cut) off the Luhr-Jensen divers (same ones used for kings on the Kenai) and ended up with 14 for 3 of us. Picture perfect day but afternoon was a little iffy getting back in (boat would not get on plane w/35 hp) trying to beat a storm front/rain. Jim


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