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    have been made on my part; we have a Mossberg 500A short barrelled pump for bear protection. I bought a box of Remington Slugger 3" shells with rifled slugs for it but didn't notice till after the fact the "rifled" part on the box. Is it okay to shoot rifled slugs out of a smooth bore shotgun? Only bought a box of 5 and can't take them back but that's okay, rather have the correct shells.
    Thanks, Jim

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    Does your 500 have a choke? If not you are good for sure but if so someone more into shotguns needs to advise ya.
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    No problem.......make sure the gun has a 3" chamber, and you are good to go. You can shoot rifled slugs out of a full choke.

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    Default No choke on this gun

    Thanks for the help!


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