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Thread: King Quad 450

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    Default King Quad 450

    So heres the deal,
    My quad has about 500 miles on it and the belt chirps when I shift from High gear to reverse and vise versa!

    Any suggestions on what it maybe?

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    Default Time for a new belt

    Despite what the dealers tell you it is not hard to toast a belt on any of the belt drive quads. I have toasted a few. doing somthing in high gear that should be done in low will spin a belt. If you use your quad in the winter it is easy to spin a belt as well.
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    Default belt chirp

    The belt chirp on a Suzuki is very common, go to aand you can read about it, it's not a huge concern. A suzuki, yamaha, and arctic cat are very hard to smoke a belt on because it uses a constant tension belt system.500 miles isnt much on a belt unless you always drive it in high range even in deep mud when you should be using low range. Low range for steady driving under 10 mph, deep mud, serious climbing


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