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Thread: 24 hr dipnetting kasilof to Sterling Hwy

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    Default 24 hr dipnetting kasilof to Sterling Hwy

    So what are your thoughts on the new E/O for uping the hours/location for dipnetting on the Kasilof?
    Is the dipping any better upstream than at the mouth?
    Is it going to be a madhouse everywhere or still majority at mouth?
    Any suggestions? History on the river for E/Os like this one?
    thanks for your thoughts and opinions!

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    I don't think it'll make much of a difference and certainly wouldn't think it would be any more crowded in the upstream areas. I drifted for kings from the Sterling Hwy bridge downstream till a couple river miles above the mouth a week ago. For most of that length, I think the river current is too fast for dipnetting. I sure wouldn't want to try it with a 5' hoop anyway. I suppose one could use a net similar to those used on the Copper River and have some success. There are some areas upstream of the mouth, still within the tidal influence area, that would be good for dipnetting. But you'd need a boat to access those areas. My guess is most folks will still fish the mouth area on the Kasilof regardless of the EO.


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    Doing the kenai shuffle in the current might work.
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.

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    Default Dipping up river

    Last year I drifted the Kasilof at this time and saw some people dipnetting up river a ways. I was suprised to see that they got a couple. There was also a large (too large for the river) Jet boat that came down river from the bridge and I guess almost swamped some drift boats. I would hate to see more stuff like that happen.

    I drifted yesterday (7/19) and only saw a couple of reds splash on the sides of the river. Several people were fishing for reds with rod and reel, and I didn't see any caught. I didn't see anyone trying to dipnet up river. If they keep the set nets close to the mouth fishing there won't be much fish anyways. I heard the escapement for sunday was only 5,000 fish.


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    Default Sunday Escapement vs Sunday Results

    Saturday escapement 5522. Sunday escapement 10417.

    We caught 55 during the mid-outgoing tide period on Saturday, and 83 during the mid-outgoing tide period on Sunday; 2 nets Saturday and 2 nets plus intermittent landing net action between picking fish for the other guys Sunday.

    Other variables, however, Saturday 4.5 horse = fewer drifts vs Sunday 20 horse = more drifts.

    Sometimes, you can only get the fish out of your net so fast. Which brings up another couple of points.

    1. When it's hot, if you are normally a bonker, you don't really have time to bonk. Break a gill (like you oughta anyway).
    2. When it's hot, you will run out of cooler space quickly. Prepare your boat floor to function as a fish hold and forget trying to put them in a cooler. A few years ago, my fishing buddy and I had 70+ in the bottom of the 12' WaveEater.
    3. When it's hot, gillnet mesh is a pain. If I were really prepared, I'd have a hoop fitted with landing net. I've watched guys on the Kenai just nail 'em and dump 'em out and nail 'em again using landing nets, and not have to mess with extractions from gill net.



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