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Thread: Filmed Black Bear Hunt on the Kenai

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    Default Filmed Black Bear Hunt on the Kenai

    Enjoy the Footage. It was sure fun being there.

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    Congrats on the fun hunt. Looks like a nice coat on that one. Bugs sure seem to be having a buffet, nice...

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    Default Good shot

    How long did you wait to track? He sure didn't go far.

    He looks good too.

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    Wink seriously now...

    nice bear, good shot.... but silly title
    the vid title is "dangerous encounters with alaskan bears"
    it was a blackie shot from a treestand and tracked down dead.... not like it was mano y urso with a bowie knife
    perhaps you could tell us why it was described as "dangerous"? the bugs? fear of falling?
    maybe it was a typo and should have been "dangerous encounters FOR alaskan bears"
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