Iíd like to hear the proís and conís on boring a Sako AV that is in factory form now in 270 Winchester to 338-06 versus buying a new custom barrel in 338-06?
Can same accuracy be expected out of a re-bored barrel as an aftermarket tube? It is a good shooter now in 270.
I know there is enough meat in the barrel because it is identical barrel diameter (and length) as another Sako AV I have in 338 Win mag.
What is the cost difference of boring factory barrel versus buying a good aftermarket barrel?
Who do you give the nod to re-bore your rifles?
Another factor to consider is the factory wood stock has been glass bedded to factory barrel. I am fine with factory barrel length, if memory serves me correctly it is about 23Ē.
Interested to hear of experiences you guys have had with this.