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Thread: Tanana River

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    Default Tanana River

    Shes screaming folks, be careful out there this weekend.

    Watch out for the floating debrie, and be careful where you park your boats.

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    Default Great reminder

    Thanks. Forecast showed it starting to drop, but s-l-o-w-l-y. It will be high and fast through the weekend most likely. The lower Chena is slower than mud as it is backed up against the Tanana.
    I see lots of boaters heading down not wearing PFDs. Please folks, wear em. Getting into trouble and having to scramble on the Tanana makes no sense. If your PFD is not comfortable, go buy one that is. Don't forget, somehow, someway, some kid is watching you and learning. Let's give them a good lesson. A lesson to live by, not drown by.


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