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Thread: Cliff Jacobson will be canoeing the Noatak

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    Default Cliff Jacobson will be canoeing the Noatak

    Major canoeing author and outdoorsman Cliff Jacobson will be floating a portion of the Noatak (roughly 160 miles) starting July 20th until roughly August 16th. I believe this will be his first expedition in the State of AK. The majority of his remote trips have been in Canada and the Canadian Arctic. His "Expedition Canoeing" book has some good canoe related tips and advice. He'll have to revise that one after running an Alaskan river IMO.

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    Good to hear. Cliff is a canoeing fool. I am surprised to hear he is in Alaska. The Noatak makes sense though since he does very extended trips from what I recall. Read his book you mentioned, great book and it gave me lots of ideas for float trip stuff (food, gear, etc..). He is a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to gear. Likes his stuff old school for the most part. Waxed cotton Duluth portage bags, wood handled tools, Grohmann knives, etc.. But that is cool. His book is where I first heard of Gransfors Bruks axes. Incredible stuff by the way. I picked up the Wilderness and Scandinavian Forest axes. You would just have to use one of these axes/hatchets to understand. They are that good. Lots of other assorted pearls of wisdom in the book. Homemade wind break tents, homemade bug suits/tents, etc... Just a neat read and anyone into canoeing should own this book for sure. He has a few others out as well. Below is a link to "Expedition Canoeing"...

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