I have peas, Mesclun greens mix, radishes all growing together and Bussles and a few bush beans growing together So far so good and no "Zero" bugs of other then bees and a couple of nice big spiders in the corners of the frame. I had more sugar peas then we could eat last night, but we did eat them all. This is dirt that is part 3 yr old top soil and every pot that has been emptied into it since. I added some sandy soil inthe spring but I suspect the cat used it now and again. Eww! At this point its a bunch of left over soil from pots and who knows what.

My Italian neigbors in Michgan used to cram everything in together. He'd feed a family of 4 with his 10 x 12 ft plot. He'd laugh at my garden all layed out in separate rows with a ruler to measure inbetween each plant. As mine suffered, whilted, or sat there producing nothing his was a forest of food. I've lost my companion planting book years ago. Anything that really works well together.