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Thread: Some recent...and some older...enjoy!

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    Default Some recent...and some older...enjoy!

    I thought I would share a some pictures that make me chuckle. My wife always seems to cringe when we get around any waterfalls or running water... as I seem to have an obsession with them. The first image is from our recent road trip to Juneau. I just love capturing the beauty of moving water.

    Now I guess I should introduce myself - as I really haven't done that... visually yet.

    This image and a few to follow are from this past February (and yes.. I am a convert from an old Canon D60 to Nikon D80). As my user-name says... I am kinda into weather - and the NOAA Hurricane Hunters were up here in Anchorage this winter for some research - and I was privileged enough to get on a flight with them that flew out to St. Paul and then down to Adak before returning to Anchorage. While not flying in a hurricane (just one of the infamous Bering Sea winter storms) it was a life long dream that is now fulfilled.

    Sunset over the Bering somewhere

    Cockpit shot somewhere over Dillingham. While this isn't the usual imagery seen here... I thought this would be an interesting thing to add

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    If interested - the plane was 'Miss Piggy' - a converted Navy P-3 workhorse.

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    Now there is something you don't see everyday. Thanks for sharing that with us. Very interesting.
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    more pics please /.. that is an incredible aircraft.

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    A few more

    Parked outside the FAA Building at Anc Int. They were having engine issues (canceled the previous day flight due to it) but got the fix before this flight.

    A little icing we encountered. We had a flight level of anywhere from 1000 to 5000 feet (Depending on the meteorological instruments used)

    I really like their logo!

    Final shot of them pulling into the hangar. What can't be seen in these image is the amount of ice on the front of the plane/propellers and outer forward facing elements of the aircraft. This plane is a beast.

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    Very the fuzzy dice!

    The first water shot is incredible, BTW...

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    Thumbs up

    Nice pictures sam

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    Quote Originally Posted by letshunt View Post
    Nice pictures sam
    Thanks Dave - more pictures in the future. I found out that work is sending me to King Salmon and then Dillingham in August. Was hoping to get out to Katmai - but not sure it will work out. Either way - a journey west!


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